About Us


Do what you love and love what you do and give more than you have promised.

Our operation was started in 1998 under the name of Hír-Tér Publishing. At first, we mainly prepared rural and municipality  maps  with high accuracy, just like orienteering maps are made. Currently, from our 12- member group 5 of us are practicing  this great sport,  the orienteering. the help of which we have managed to keep our strength, fitness level, plus it has been giving us a lot of enjoyable experience, providing a big amount of relaxation. Our Managing Director in addition to be a senior world champion has got several world championship podium medals. She’s been a trainer for several decades, and his disciples already won more than a hundred championship medals, the selected national teams even in international competitions still stand their ground. They can also tell you about how many times they were on a youth, junior, adult or college championship podium. She was the coach of the most successful adult male competitor, the Hungarian Zsolt Lenkei. We can only recommend this sport for everyone, from 6 to 90 years of age. For us, this sport is an everlasting love. All our special cartographic knowledge, precision and endurance we can ascribe to this excellent sport.

We started to work on our free publication( MAP BUDAPEST CITY CENTER) in 2000. Our maps earned the appreciation of several hotels, they have been happy to use them for a long time now, welcoming them. Our maps are distributed in 84 hotel in Budapest, 41 hostels, at the airport and tourist info offices and among nearly 200 affiliates. From the very beginning we have been enjoying the confidence and support of  currently existing partners such as the Kempinski Hotel, Frey Wille, Varga Design, Vass Shoe Stores, or the Pomo D’Oro Restaurant. Our customer base has been increasing over the years, this way we created our first thematic publications: GASTRO, SHOPPING & FASHION, Programs, and the BY NIGHT version. The last ( more than a)decade has been a period of continuous construction. We produce about 60 % of the annual demand of Budapest’s touristic maps used today (approximately 2.5-3 million pieces).

We are very proud of reporting that our partners have been satisfied for many years, and of the possibility of creating individually designed publications for several premium category hotels in Budapest (Sofitel Budapest, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, Danubius Hotels Group, the Budapest Marriott Hotel, Corinthia Hotel).

We accept producing specially designed maps for companies’ websites, a big variety of leaflets, informational brochures and presentations.

Our advanced CITY MAP BUDAPEST CENTRE offline application allows you to explore the sights of Budapest, museums, accommodation places, restaurants, shops, and some other useful places. With the help of this application you can easily organize your programs, so you can get to  the most interesting places in the capital.

Questions, comments are welcome here: citymap@citymapinfo.hu address.